Wednesday, January 31, 2007

January 31, 2007

Today is a day to celebrate. Why? Because my baby sister is having her birthday! I just want to post a quick birthday 'shout out' to my kid sister and let her know that I hope all her dreams come true this year. Meg, you are a one of a kind, beautiful, wonderful, friendly, kind, compassionate, creative, intelligent, fantastical, happy, smart, respectful, courageous, sassy, passionate, witty, clever, sarcastic, loving, goofy, patient, successful, extraordinary person. I feel so blessed and thankful that God gave you to me for a sister. I hope in this coming year as your goals are reached you set new ones keeping in mind that not even the stars are your limit.
And another special birthday wish to Jaron who turns 1 today. You are an adorable, jumpy (as in Jump-A-Roo), smart, happy, playful, cuddly, bashful, little tike. We all look forward to seeing how much you've grown when we come home this this summer. There aren't as many adjectives to decribe you yet......You're only ONE!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, January 26, 2007

My worst nightmare came true today.....

He actually crawled over to the joystick then started screaming at the T.V. until we turned it on.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

So, I've learned a few truths in life that I'd like to share with you. Now remember, my Mother is the Queen Exaggerator so there's a chance I may have inherited just a smudge too. Here goes:
Truths about Europe:
  1. Married couples here have only one child.
  2. All cars are manual (stick-shifts) and it is next to impossible to find an automatic.
  3. A large percent of people either walk or ride bicycles and do not own a vehicle.
  4. There is no demand for large vehicles in Europe due to small family size.

Now I'd like to share some facts about my husband, Kelley:

  1. He has a wife and three children.
  2. He cannot drive a stick-shift.
  3. His favorite car is the Mercedes Benz.
  4. He likes sleek, smooth, shiny, stylish, clean vehicles.
  5. He is employed, in Europe, by a profession that receives approximately 50% of its funding by sponsors.

Keeping all of the above in mind, I'd like to show you his car here in Belgium.

See that shiny Mercedes emblem?
His brand spankin' new 2007 Mercedes!

Gotta love those sponsors!

We look like a bunch of circus clowns getting in and out of this thing!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kids say the darndest things....

Okay so Kelley and I have kept saying "...we've gotta write down these crazy things the kids are doing!" but we never do. Until now. I'm going to start documenting, here, all the crazy things that our out-of-this-world-crazy kids do and say. Starting with Kori since this happened recently. I must apologize to anyone else reading this - it may only be funny to me!

Kori is a Mommy's girl thru and thru. Don't get me wrong she's got Daddy wrapped around her chubby little finger but there are certain things that only Mommy can do for her. Like wiping her butt, tucking her in, and getting her juice. Taking a bath is no exception.

Generally after a messy supper Kori goes straight to the bath tub. The routine is to play in the bath for a few minutes while the dinner table and kitchen get cleaned up then when I'm free I'll go wash her up. Well on this particular night not too long ago Kori decided she wanted out of the tub before I was finished cleaning up. I yelled in to her that Daddy would come wash her up and of course, she panicked.

Now please, picture this in your head. Kelley walks into the bathroom amidst a loud protest of shouting from the bathtub. Kori backs herself into the farthest corner of the tub holding her hands up as if to say "STOP" all the while yelling "No Daddy, Mommy will wash me up!! Mommy will do it!! NO DADDY!" I came in a minute later and walked over to the tub. I put my hands behind my back and Kelley puts his hands thru my arms and around the front of me pretending to act as my arms. He gropes for the soap and squirts a bunch in his hands and starts rubbing Kori down. All the while she's watching the hands with extreme confusion. Finally she grabs one, holds it up close then scrunches her little face up and says in her best toddler voice "Dat yur hands, Ma?" If you could only see her priceless expression that said something like ....I'm trying to remember if the last time you washed me up your hands were so rough or black......and is that Daddy hiding behind you?

So freakin' hysterical--I wish you could've been there.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Couple shots of the two boys

Here's the boys posing for the camera.

Kori likes Chicken on the Bone!

So Wednesday night I made BBQ Chicken Wings for dinner and Kori went to town. Usually when I make them she'll eat one or two.......not that time! She had 13!!! Afterwards when I put her in the tub her water instantly turned into barbeque sauce.....