Friday, July 31, 2009


Kruz, A.K.A. Baller, decided a few days ago to stick a bead up his nose which, of course, got stuck. Apparently, he was pretending it was a booger and did what every other toddler does; tries to pick it out instead of the logical choice - blow it out. After panicking and running to find Mommy he realized Mommy's advice is the same for real boogers as it is for bead boogers: "Get a tissue!" Due to the large size of the hole in the bead it took quite a few blows to send it flying across the room but it did eventually come out. The whole thing reminded me of a time during my childhood when one of my sisters stuck a bead up her nose while we were in the car. My Mama kept her cool while driving and with one hand on the wheel and the other plugging one nostril that bead too was blown out. The things kids do....

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kendall is 8 months old!

The time is just flying by. It seems like just last week that I posted her 7 month shots.

Here she is showing off her fabulous gap between her top teeth!
Kruz wanted to pose with her so badly, but she's just too mobile to sit still these days!

This is her in the middle of her 'shriek of happiness'!

Oooh, finally got one of her sitting still!
I can't believe she's already 8 months old. She's crawling everywhere, making mad, bee-line bolts for the refrigerator or front door every time they get opened. She can stand and keep her balance for a few seconds without holding on to anything and can step from side to side all along the couch. I figure stepping out on her own is in the very near future. Kori walked at 9 months and Kruz at 10 so Kendall will probably be early too.

With the knowledge that she's the last child comes the longing to keep her her small, cuddly, sweet self. I ponder more often now than I did with the others how devastating it will feel to be told "I hate you!" when she's a teenager. Even though I never said that to my mother I do remember thinking it. But even that doesn't make me feel better.

Before we know it, she'll be turning one. Kori and Kruz want to plan her party at Fort Rapids. Sounds a bit selfish to me....
As for me, I think I'll be content to not think about her first birthday just yet.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer Fun

We spent Sunday at the local Rec Center which has an outdoor water area. Lots of spraying water and fountains.

Kendall's first time in a bathing suit.

Good times had by all!