Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Annual Zoo Trip

This past Monday was the annual Zoo trip with The Crew. No, not the Columbus Crew. The Otterbein 'Crew'. Between the 5 of us we've got 10 kids and that includes Miss Pepper - the only smart one that hasn't added any children to the posse yet. (...yet). The above picture has 8 of the 10 children. On the left is Kyran, Grace, Rachel, Kruz, Emma, Kori, Tyson, and Laine kneeling in the front. Missing are the babies, Trevor and Jaxon.
Here's Natalie and Trisha pretending they weren't wishing this was just a girls trip that consisted of pedicure's, margarita's, and no kids.
.....and Chantal and I thinking the same thing.
Soon our annual trip to the Zoo will evolve as the kids age. Hopefully to Water parks and roller coasters and no more screaming for carousel and train rides or for face paint and jungle gyms. Or for petting snakes and holding Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches and changing dirty diapers in crowded under-cleaned public bathrooms.
The Crew has been together since 1994 when we all were freshmen at Otterbein College. We've seen each other go from unsure newcomers to best friends, bridesmaids, wives, and Mommy's. We've made some memories that still to this day make me cry and laugh and laugh until I still cry. I love you girls. You've been a part of my life since the age I first realized I was actually living.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

All the Latest....

I apologize for not posting as often as I should. My digital camera is broken and without pictures to share my life and times seem much more uninteresting. I have taken some pics with the camera in my cell phone but honestly, it takes terrible pictures. Regardless, I'm posting with my cell phone pics. Some are cute but would be great if taken on my digital....oh well!

This past week the kids and I went to Nana's and Grandpa's to visit for the week. The kids had a blast swimming in the pond and spending time with their cousins.

Sunday was Father's Day and Nana's Birthday and our monthly family dinner so we went to church with Nana and Grandpa then had a family get-together to celebrate.

Here's the 3 latest additions to the family. Bailey on the left, Zachary in the middle and Vinny on the right. I've never seen such perfectly rounded heads!!! Aren't they adorable?!?!

After stuffing our faces at Mom's the kids and I left and headed up to Pickerington for a Father's Day with Kelley. After eating more food we took the kids to run it off at JFK park in Reynoldsburg. Fun!

Happy Birthday to Nana - the church announced she was 29! That makes me.....um, lemme do the math....oh, 5!!!
And a very, very happy Father's Day to all the Father's I know and love.
Dad - there's no words to express my gratitude, admiration, and most of all love. If I can only manage to put my big toe into your footsteps I'll be known as a great person...
Kelley -we've been through thick and thin and up and down and every which way imaginable. There's no one else on this earth I'd rather have by my side. I love you. Always and Forever.