Monday, August 4, 2008

It's That Time Again....


We moved this year from the Gahanna Youth Football program into the Reynoldsburg Youth Football. Since this was Kyran's first year in RYF he had to go through try outs. The try outs last for 2 weeks; 4 days of conditioning and 4 days of hitting. A few days after tryouts are over the League hosts a big picnic and the teams in each division (mini's, junior's and senior's)get to announce their draft choices. Kyran and his cousins got drafted by the Saints - the last team of the whole day to announce their draft choices. Needless to say, the boys were pretty anxious having to wait through the other teams.

Try-Outs. Kyran is in the all white with the Nascar flags on his T-shirt.

Here's all of us cheering the boys on, sweating out the 95 degree weather.

This little guy in the blue Patriots jersey #36 is Collin - our nephew. He was trying out in the Mini Division. After watching the mini's I can't get over the fact that my little Kyran used to be that small and now he's in the Senior's!! Yikes! I'm getting old!!!

Kyran sweating out the draft day picnic. Not only was he hot but he was nervous!!

Kruz is just hot....his day for football is right around the corner!

And my goodness, pray for me. Do you know what kind of sweat is happening in that crease where my belly is holding up my chest??? With the season just now starting and my belly only getting bigger......Lord, have mercy!

KJ loves the support from anyone who wants to come see him play. Email me for a schedule!!