Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Embarrassing Moment

You may not use adjectives like 'graceful', 'elegant', or 'light-footed' to describe me and after my latest tumble I'd definitely say I'm more 'awkward, clumsy, gawky, graceless, lumbering, ungainly, and ungraceful.' (Courtesy of Websters Thesaurus). I say 'latest' because I fell again last night and since I've become an adult I can no longer count on both hands how many time's I've fallen.......lets just say a lot. (Altho, the rollerblades really made my stats jump!)

Kyran and I walked up to the store last night right as it was starting to get dark. There was a very light sprinkle and the wet fall leaves were making everything slippery. (If only I had them for my excuse...) On our walk back we got to teasing each other about who was faster and for some idiotic reason we started racing. I was, of course, winning but decided I would take a short cut at the edge of the neighbors yard, cross our drive-way and to our front door. Too bad I forgot that where the neighbors yard meets our drive there's a 4 inch drop. I hit it and my knee buckled, my legs turned to jello and I went face first like a runner stealing home plate all the way across the drive-way (but much less graceful). Mostly on my palms and belly but my knees and elbows gave a great assist.

As I'm laying there thanking God that it was dark, I look across the street and my neighbor (the one that hates us because Kelley yelled at his kids) and his friend were standing there. They just stared at me with blank faces as if to confirm what I already knew. I'm an idiot.