Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter Celebration

We had a great Easter this year at Grandma's.

Poor Mom. She ALWAYS has Turkey duty.

The kids love their Easter Bags from Nana.

I have this exact same picture from 25 years ago with me and my siblings and cousins.

Doesn't turkey have a way of making us all feel this way?

But gotta love those Peeps!

It's been a long time since we've been able to celebrate Easter with Auntie Kris! She made it lots of fun for the kids!

Time to go. We're Turkey'd out.

Thanks for a wonderful dinner, Grandma!

Pics from Megan's Baby Shower

Meg had her Baby Shower a few weeks ago and these pics are courtesy of Auntie Kris.

Everyone wrote notes of advice for the new Mommy and as usual Kori was ready to give her opinion. She wrote "When the baby is sleeping, don't wake him up."

Here's Kruz with a balloon in his shirt letting Aunt Meg know he feels her pain.

Can you believe by this time next year there'll be two more little rugrats?!?!

Baby Bailey's and Baby Vincent's Baby Bumps. Due four days apart, I wonder who will be here first.

Here we all are heading home on the 'bus'!