Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day

As you probably know, Kori provides about 90% of the entertainment around here. She's a 2 year old going on 30 as Kelley likes to say. She uses words like ridiculous and disgusting and has phrases like "Have you lost my mind!?" and "Are you kidding me?!" She even crosses her arms and makes threats like "I wish you would!" or "You can't do that to me!" (when I told her Santa wouldn't bring her presents if she wasn't a good girl). This morning she crawled in bed with me, snuggled up real close and put her arms around my neck. She planted a smooch right on my mouth and whispered good morning. I kissed her back and said "Good morning, Sweetheart." She wrinkled her nose up and stiff armed my chest and said in her most disgusted voice, "Mommy, you smell like......" pause here while she thinks of the right word, ".....stink!" Ha! I laughed so loud I woke up the baby. Happy Valentine's Day to you, Kori!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

He's Back

After 10 long weeks on the sidelines due to injury McClure, #13 has returned to the court!! With strict instructions from the medical staff the coach was allowed to use Kelley in "limited minutes". The game started with Kelley on the bench and the Giants quickly made quite a lead. Up 20 plus points most of the game we were wondering if Kelley'd see any playing time at all. Alas, at the beginning of the 4th quarter the coach called his number. In an emotionally charged moment the fans stood and began chanting "Kelley! Kelley! Kelley!" Here's a few pics.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Everyone knows BW3's famous sauces, right? They have 14 flavors in 3 categories: Smilin', Sizzlin', and Screamin'. This picture to the left is the picture they use to represent their 3 categories/14 flavors. Boring! I have my very own pictures that are way more entertaining than some boring bottles of hot sauce....Check out the new face of BW's.





Ever hear of that thing called Karma?

I've been listening to my family complain about the snow and ice storms they're experiencing back home in the great Mid West and okay, so I snidely said, ", oh my gosh, like, we TOTALLY had FROST this morning!!" I was only kidding, not REALLY making fun. But c'mon, it doesn't snow here! At least it didn't....until I ran my mouth.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Raccoon Kruz

I don't know if you've ever seen the kids movie Over the Hedge but it's about a junk food addicted raccoon that enlists the help of a few other animals to help him scavenge for food in a rich neighboorhood. Ever since the kids have seen the movie they've decided that Kruz must be a raccoon. For some reason I CAN'T keep the boy out of the trashcan in the kitchen! It's got a lid on it but he manages to get in anyway. There are two obvious issues with the pictures below. The first is the fact that Kori is leaving too much yogurt in her cup and the second, well...., it's obvious. He was left alone for a minute too long.

Gibbs Visit!

We had visitors last weekend. I'm just now posting because K.J. broke the computer and it took a while to find parts that were compatible. There goes $75 of his birthday money!!! The kids weren't cooperating very well. Kori is head over heels in love with Trey and he was too at first but like with all men, it wears off.

She followed Trey the entire day tickling and hugging and loving on him. He was into it for the first hour then he just started ignoring her. Wonder if he took a lesson from his Dad? : )

When it was time for them to leave we grouped them together for a photo shoot and when they put Trey's coat on he remembered how much he loved Kori and started holding her.

This is Kelley trying to but the kibosh on their budding romance.

And this is Kori telling her Daddy how she felt about that!

Anyway, much love to the Gibbs family. We really enjoy visiting with you guys. I wish I'd taken a family shot. April looks absolutely beautiful, aglow with pregnancy. Maybe they'll have a girl to love on Kruz! And who knows, maybe we'll be neighbors next year.