Thursday, September 17, 2009

Kyran's Birthday Party

If you've been around the family for very long, you know the tradition Grandpa has started with his Grandson's when they turn 13.

Let's just say Kyran was geeked to turn 13 for this very reason.

A shotgun.
We are always telling Ky to stop scratching when he's nervous (usually when he's in trouble), but when Grandpa started talking about Ky shooting it, he started scratching and says "ME?!!" Like the thought never crossed his mind that he had to actually fire the thing!
Grandpa took the opportunity to teach a few gun safety and prevention tips to all the young boys at the party.
Kyran and Grandpa.
Neither one even noticing that Ky's got that thing pointed straight at grandpa's head.

10 Months Old

I remembered all day long that Kendall was 10 months old today but I totally forgot to take pics of her until after she fell asleep.
I guess her sleeping pics will have to do.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Football Pics

He didn't want to get an individual photo taken but I told him that someday he'd appreciate it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

13 years ago today....

Anyone remember this cutie??

He turns 13 today.
Happy Birthday Baby Boy.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

15 years

Today marks the day that 15 years ago 'WE' began.

Through ups and downs,

ins and outs,

head over heels.

I'd do it all over again.

Love ya, Babe.

Always and Forever.

Breast Cancer Survivor

This was done by my BFF Natalie's sister Jenifer.
You may remember their Mother (Ky's Gramma Jane who was by my side when Kyran was born) passed away from cancer many years ago.
Listen to her new single and read her story below.

If you can't see the above video click here.

Here is my story. I was 6 months pregnant with my second child when diagnosed with breast cancer. I was stage 2B which meant that my tumor was large and had spread to some lymph nodes. My daughter, Sophia, was still in my womb for my first 3 chemotherapy treatments. My son, Nicholas was 13 months old at the time. I had a long family history of breast cancer, so I actually thought I might have to face it "some day". I didn't realize, however, that I could get cancer at such a young age. Since diagnosis, I tested positive for the BRACA 2 mutation,(a breast cancer gene) so my treatment became very aggressive. I had a full hysterectomy and a second mastectomy, plus reconstruction. I worry about the future for both of my children. I continue treatment with a drug that helps prevent recurrence. I deal with joint and bone pain everyday, and it makes it difficult to care for my children. I will not go off of the drug, because I need to know I'm doing EVERYTHING in my power to be there for my babies. I am a 4 year survivor and I plan on being a cute old Yia Yia (grandma in Greek). I believe my cancer journey has made me a stronger person. As I read in a book, The Cancer Conqueror, (by Greg Anderson) My body may have had cancer, but my mind and soul only have cancer if I allow it. I will NOT allow it! My song "You Are Not Alone" is my song of inspiration to women everywhere! It expresses what gave me strength and what I hope will empower women around the world battling women's cancers. A portion of the proceeds will be contributed to cancer research and awareness. Cancer has touch all of our lives in one way or another by now, so my message to everyone is simple.

You are not alone!

Jenifer Menedis

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dooder-Bug & Booda-Butt

Dooder-Bug threw a touchdown pass and ran for a touchdown while Booda-Butt ran for two touchdowns Saturday against the Vikings.
Final Score
Panthers 24, Vikings 0
The nicknames they loved as kids now makes them cringe with embarrassment in public. Apparently, it's no longer appropriate to cheer for them using anything other than their birth names. Guess it's time to bring out the cowbell then...

Thursday, September 3, 2009

I learned a new trick

I've recently learned how to braid cornrows.
See Kori's braids?

They're far from perfect but I'm still super excited!
~Yay for me~

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Poor Kruz

Poor Kruz. He's one tough kid.

Kendall has some really cute flannel burp clothes that Nana made for her. She left one on the slick hard wood floor. Kruz stepped on it doing 100 mph around the corner. He landed teeth first on the hardwood. The result was a big, puffy lip.
The only thing to stop the tears was his brand spankin' new backpack filled with fun school supplies. I'd tucked it away but had no choice but to bribe him with it.
Bad Kendall for leaving her spit rag just lying around like that....

Welcome Our Newest Member of the Family McClure

Everyone is arguing over names. Kori picks out names that no one can pronounce.
Kyran wants to name him "Rocky"

Kelley's names are all mean...

And nobody likes my names.

Sigh. I'll keep you posted when he's got a name. :)

He's 4 pounds of fur and surprisingly he doesn't bark. Hopefully he won't start! He slept in his Kennel all night without whining or crying and not one single accident! Yay!