Saturday, November 21, 2009

Whetstone Wildcats Vs. Grandview Bobcats

Today the Wildcats took on the Bobcats.

Twinkie was very excited for Kyran and Daylan's first game.

She wore her red to support both the Wildcats and the Buckeyes!

Kruz, poor Kruz.
You can tell by his color choice who he was supporting today.

That's what we all think of the Wolverine's, Kruz!

Here's Daylan with a steal and a bucket. Whoo~hoo!!

And KJ with one too!
Please excuse the blur. My camera just isn't a 'sports' camera. Maybe I'll get one for Christmas (hint, hint!)

Kyran shooting freethrows.
He gives me 10 push-ups for every missed free-throw.
Kelley used to pay me $100 bucks. Fortunately, for him, he didn't miss many.
The Wildcats were victorious today, as were the Buckeyes, as were the Crush!
Couldn't ask for a better day!


Anonymous said...

I think your pix are fantastic (sorry this comment won't help U get your 'sports' camera) Kruz looks SO grown up & his jacket may be the 'wrong' color but whatta cool basketball! & Kendall's "Twinkie" nickname suits her based on these shots! Happy Thanksgiving! Auntie Kris PS congrats to the WIldcats!

Anonymous said...

PPS I meant to thank U for leaving feedback at your sister's etsy acc't - I didn't know how to do that til I saw what U wrote & I finally figured it out - i LOVE those chandelier earrings U bought! good taste!

Luke & Megan said...

Yay! Go WILDCATS! :) Love the pics!!