Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kendall's First Birthday!!

Today the baby turned '1'.

She loved the attention when all the kids sang "Happy Birthday" to her.

We didn't have a party but I made cupcakes for her and all the other kids.

She was honored to be given a cupcake.

But she wouldn't touch it.


This was as close as she would get to the cupcake. She wouldn't touch it, only point at it and talk to it.

Her party with family is next week so this was just a trial run. Hopefully, she'll dig in next time.



Luke & Megan said...

What a day to celebrate a gorgeous little angel!! I am sure she'll learn to love cupcakes- in due time. For now, we'll consider her lucky :) :) :) Can't wait to see you all for her celebration!

Anonymous said...

LOVE this series of photos, she looks like her big brother Kyran! I hope you'll post MORE pix after her NEXT party! love, Auntie Kris

Molly and Kevin said...

She's precious! Kevin and I were just talking about how crazy time goes by! We both remember her, tiny, tiny in her carrier at Grandmas house in her car seat! Happy #1 Kendall!! May you have many many more with many many more cupcakes to eat!!
Love to you All!
Aunt Molly & Uncle Kevin