Monday, April 12, 2010

How We Spent Kruzer's Birthday

Yes, this happened 4 months ago, BUT, this is bloggerland and I can backdate my post!
I downloaded about 1000 pictures from my camera card yesterday and so I thought I'd post a few highlights of our summer. (since April - that's when I got my new camera!)
First up was/is Kruz's birthday.
We spent the day at Kyran's AAU Tournament in Hilliard:

Kruz, Kendall, Kori, and Lexy

Coach Kelley doing his thing.

Kyran (No. 1) making a 3 pointer.

The Birthday Boy sporting the necklace Kori made him from Bendaroo's.

The Champs!

Daylan and Kyran with the trophy.

Finally, the day is over but we didn't get home until well after dark. We gave Kruz an ice-cream sandwich with a candle in it and sang Happy Birthday to him!

Kruz with his birthday outfit from Kelley, posing with the trophy.

Isn't he just so stinking sweet?

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Anonymous said...

YES HE IS! thanx for posting, you're right, who cares how old the pix are: wish you could post all 1,000. Love, Auntie Kris