Monday, February 8, 2010

Kendall's First Snow Storm

We finally had some snow that didn't bring bitter temperatures. ( first).
Kendall got to go out amist the biggest snowflakes I think I've seen in a long time.
She enjoyed putting her fingers in the snow and, of course, eating it too.

The camera didn't capture the falling snow but it was coming down very hard. Look at Kendall's hood. That was from about 5 minutes of being
in the snow.Lexy & Kendall
The only two that wanted to be outside!

Frenchy was eating the snow also.
It must've been sweet!


Jerry, Chantal & The Girl Gang said...

Kendall is just too cute!!! I still can't get used to her on her own two feet! We are to get more snow tomorrow...are you guys too? Enjoy the white stuff! Love and hugs to you all!!! Hope to see you soon!

Luke & Megan said...


Anonymous said...

Love the snow! I hope your kids enjoy it like ours do! Lots of FUN!! XOXOXO Nellie

Mo`Mo said...

Very Cute!! My girls (the dogs of course) Love the snow! Dyna more than Lucille, but Dyna would stay out all day in it if I'd let her! Kendall is getting so fast and looks adorable in her hat and coat out playing in the snow! Hope you are all staying warm! Love you bunches!
Aunt Molly

Anonymous said...

She makes the snow look so tasty and fun! Ah to be a kid again and enjoy it! Although I have enjoyed the days off school it gives me.
Snow Hugs, Aunt Mindy

Anonymous said...

LOVE EVERY ONE OF THESE PIX! more, please! love, Auntie Kris